Voter Guide


And help get your friends & family registered too!

1. Pledge to Vote and Invite Your Friends

Did you know that asking your friends and family to vote is the most powerful way you can make an impact on their lives? Take the Environmental Voter Pledge and our volunteers will help you reach out to friends and family and encourage them to vote in the upcoming election.

2. Register to Vote

You must be registered to vote by October 10th to vote in the midterm election on November 8th, 2022. If you haven’t registered yet, do it today!

3. Check Your Voter Registration Status

Even if you think you have already registered, please double check! There is nothing worse than showing up at the polls and being told you cannot vote. The Georgia Secretary of State routinely removes thousands of people from the voter rolls in “purges.” Sometimes people get removed even if they vote often, so please double-check that your registration is still active.

4. Get Ready to Vote

Be prepared to cast your vote on or before election day. You will need to know which races and candidates are on your ballot. You can view a sample ballot up to 30 days before each election by checking the Secretary of State My Voter Page website.

5. Decide When and Where to Vote

You don’t have to wait until election day to vote. You have three options to cast your vote: Early Voting, Vote By Mail, and Vote on Election Day.

Vote by Mail (a.k.a. Absentee Voting)

Vote by Mail and absentee voting are the same thing. Basically, you have to send in an application to receive your ballot. Once you get your ballot, you can fill it out and send your vote in by mail. You should apply for an absentee ballot as early as possible. Once you get your ballot, send it back by mail ASAP to make sure it is counted. If you can’t mail it in time, you can drop your ballot in your local county drop box. County drop boxes are locations where you can deposit your ballot safely and securely without postage or interacting with others. 

Early Voting

Early Voting normally starts three weeks before election day. You have way more places to go vote when you vote early. You can usually find early voting locations by visiting the website of the county you live in. You can also find them online on the Secretary of State My Voter Page website. Finally, you can find them by clicking the button below and selecting the county you live in.

If you choose to vote in person on Election Day, you’ll need to go to your specific voting precinct. Click the button below to find where you need to go to vote.