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We believe in changing Georgia from the ground up. That’s why we are committed to training and mobilizing Georgians to advance climate and environmental justice through civic engagement.


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The State of Democracy in Georgia

For environmental voters, safeguarding our democracy and increasing civic engagement is not an optional strategy: without it, we cannot and will not succeed in our fight to save our air, water, and people. We must advance and protect our democracy so that it is representative of and responsive to all the people that call this country home. For us, this means having transparent and accessible elections, and ensuring that elected leaders represent all of the people that live in their district, no matter where they come from, how much money they have, or the color of their skin. We must work to prevent unchecked corporate dollars from drowning out the voices of Georgians in our political process. In the democracy we seek, everyone has access to and meaningful involvement in their government and the decision-making about their lives and communities.  

A few interesting facts about civic engagement and voting in Georgia. (Source)


The percentage of Georgia's electorate that are women

The number of people on Georgia's voter rolls


The percentage of Georgia's electorate that are non-white

The total population of Georgia as of 2020, according to the U.S. Census Bureau


The percentage of Georgia's electorate that are under 40 years old

The total number of counties in Georgia