Abandoned: Greed, Neglect and Environmental Injustice in Adel

GCVEF shot & produced a short documentary about the community of Adel, Georgia and the environmental injustices they are facing in their daily lives. The project was produced with the help of individuals and organizations like the Concerned Citizens of Cook County, who continue to fight for clean air, land and water for their community. Watch the documentary here.

Georgia Power - Don't Raise My Bill!

Georgia Power announced plans calling for a $200 increase per year for the average household. If approved, the first increase would go into effect in January 2023 and the monthly increase would be around $14. We need YOU to raise your voice with us to oppose this plan. Join the fight to demand that the Public Service Commission doesn’t allow this increase to happen. Learn more.

Legal: PSC Lawsuit

Black voters are challenging the at-large method of electing Georgia Public Service Commissioners in a historic federal lawsuit against the Georgia Secretary of State. Learn more about the lawsuit against voting discrimination.

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