Mayor Dickens Pledges to Reach Climate Goals in Atlanta 

During a climate town hall Monday february 7th, Mayor Andre Dickens pledged that he will do everything in his power to keep Atlanta on track for reaching its goal of using 100% renewable energy sources by 2035. 

A big portion of Dicken’s approach is to focus on adding more solar panels to municipal buildings, working with Georgia Power to reduce people’s energy costs, and challenging commercial building owners to improve their energy efficiency. Dickens also mentioned that he wants the city to be ready for electric vehicles, especially with plans of opening the massive Rivian manufacturing facility south of Atlanta. 

“Climate matters in my administration,” he said “I’m an engineer, I get the science of it. I’m a community member, I get the community impacts of it. I’m a 34-day old mayor, so I get the necessity of it, and the challenges of it.” (source: WABE) 

Mayor Dickens wrapped up his time at the town hall by focusing on his plans for a program that would help residents with the cost of upgrading to solar energy. Something that Georgia Power nor any other power companies in Georgia have in place. 

Overall, strong words from the newly elected Mayor Dickens. Hopefully he is able to stay accountable and continue these positive changes towards Atlanta’s energy goals moving forward.