Election season is officially here, and early voting started almost two weeks ago, on October 17. Due to new voting laws passed by the Georgia General Assembly last year, some essential details around voting may have changed. Before heading to the polls, here are some essential details and information.


When is Election Day? Who’s on the ballot this year?

Election Day is on Tuesday, November 8. Early voting began on Monday, October 17 and continues until Friday, November 4.

This year, elections for President are not on the ballot. Instead, all members of the House of Representatives, Georgia Legislature, Governor and other state and local offices are on the ballot. Also included is the race for one of Georgia’s two Senate seats.


When is the cutoff date for voter registration?

The voter registration deadline for the November 8 general election and December 12 runoff races was Tuesday, October 11. If you are unsure of your voter registration, head to https://sos.ga.gov/how-to-guide/how-guide-registering-vote.


Where can I find information on where I go to vote?

Voter precinct information can be found on the My Voter Page. Once you provide your information and log into your voter page, go to “View/Print Precinct Card,” and you’ll be able to find your voter precinct location. Remember that your voter precinct may change, so check again before leaving to vote.


When can you request an absentee ballot?

The period for absentee ballot requests has already started. The absentee ballot request period began on August 22 and will continue until October 28th, 11 days before the general election. If you do not request an absentee ballot by that time, you will have to vote in person, either early or on election day. You can request an absentee ballot by heading to the Secretary of State’s website.


Can I vote on Sunday?

This depends on your county. After new voting laws were passed last year, counties were given the option to decide whether to open polls on Sunday. This is especially important for Black communities due to “Souls to the Polls” events after church services. Contact your county’s local elections offices to see if Sunday polls will be open. Head to this link for contact information for each county’s elections offices.


Is there an easy way to see who will be on my ballot before I vote?

Yes! The Georgia Conservation Voters Education Fund is promoting a new tool to help all voters see which candidates will be on their ballot and referendum questions! Just go to https://gcv.branch.vote, insert your address and see your full ballot, excellent explainers on the candidates, and any referendum questions that might be on your ballot.


Finally, don’t forget to vote down your ballot!

While big-ticket races like Governor and Senator are usually the most attractive when voting, it’s important to remember that every race can and will impact you!

With the new restrictive voting laws taking broad effect and important Congressional, Statewide and local elections taking place, it’s vital that everyone takes the time to participate in our civic duty and let our state know who we want to represent us.

Every race, from Governor to local school boards, matters this year and we need your help to make a mark on our state again. Join the GCV Education Fund this year and take the pledge to vote down the ballot