December 15, 2021

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Georgia Conservation Voters Education Fund Releases Comprehensive Report on Plant Vogtle Units 3 and 4


Atlanta, GA — Georgia Conservation Voters Education Fund released a comprehensive report on Plant Vogtle’s 3 and 4 Units on Monday, December 13, highlighting the financial burden the nuclear power plant has become on ratepayers across Georgia. The report, titled Ratepayer Robbery, provides readers a clear picture of the fiscal carelessness that has plagued the nuclear plant’s 3 and 4 units since its inception in 2006, which has cost ratepayers billions of dollars.

The 32 page report is the culmination of months of research and information gathering and includes data on expenses, key decisions and more.

“Plant Vogtle is a monumental example of failed leadership, oversight and lack of forethought,” said GCV Executive Director Brionté McCorkle. “What started out as an overpriced $14 billion project has ballooned into more than $30 billion, and that doesn’t take into account the future costs of completing the units.”

The report also highlights the failures of the Georgia Public Service Commission to provide oversight and regulation of Plant Vogtle, and the ties they have to Georgia Power and Southern Company. In particular, Ratepayer Robbery provides readers with a clear view of the steps taken by the Georgia PSC to enrich Georgia’s utilities at the expense of everyday ratepayers.

“Instead of holding Georgia Power and Southern Company responsible for this financial disaster, the Georgia Public Service Commission has continued to endorse rate increases on customers,” said Executive Director McCorkle. “The PSC continues to allow these financially profitable energy behemoths to pass on the costs to ratepayers, hurting families that are still recovering from COVID and an unstable financial period. We are quite literally watching the PSC endorse robbery from everyday residents in Georgia.”

Ratepayer Robbery is available for download online at


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