There are a lot of roles in a movement. We are proud of our organizers at Georgia Conservation Voters and the Georgia Conservation Voters Education Fund, who are on the front lines of pushing a just, equitable transition to a cleaner, more sustainable Georgia. But only some can be out front. People can show up to causes in a myriad of ways. 


At its best, philanthropy is capacity building.

Equipping organizers and communities with tools and funding is an admirable way to participate in a movement, especially when done in a community-centric, non-prescriptive way. When you see the work our team is doing, recognize both the importance of the mission and the expertise of the organizers, and say, “Yes, I believe in you, and I want to help,” you make the work possible. 


We are at a critical juncture for our organization.

Across the country, nonprofits like GCV and GCV Education Fund face the same rising costs as the members of their communities. And unfortunately, charitable giving suffers as the economy does. Our primary source of revenue is the generosity of others, generosity that has understandably taken a hit in recent years.

It is critical that as we move deeper into 2023, our charitable donations keep up with the rising costs of program implementation. We pride ourselves on meeting the needs of the communities we serve – that means not just organizing people to speak up at hearings at the Public Service Commission, for example, but also ensuring that those dedicated residents have childcare, transportation, food, and everything else that makes that work possible. 


We are also at a critical juncture in the state of Georgia.

Our state has solidified its status as a focal point for the progress of our nation. Much of the work to push our country forward is being done in Georgia: in the metro Atlanta area, in cities like Savannah, Macon, Albany, and Augusta, and in dozens of counties from the Appalachians to the St. Mary’s River. We are committed to being present in as many of these areas as possible, but our ability to do so is dependent on our ability to build capacity. 

That is why contributions to our organizations are so important. A broad base of support from across Georgia and the United States ensures we can seize this crucial moment in Georgia and move our communities and country forward. 


We need YOU!

If you’ve read this far, I hope that means you recognize that the vital work done by GCV and GCV Education Fund hinges on the support of people like you. You may say, “Nonprofit giving is for wealthy folks; at the end of the month, all I’ll have is five or ten bucks.” Please hear me when I say that it is helpful

Just five or ten bucks could be the reason a person in Hawkinsville can make it to Atlanta to share their energy burden story with the Public Service Commission. It could be the difference between a vote for a climate champion being cast or not.

Our work is driven by people – people speaking out, people knocking on doors, people signing their names, and people supporting us financially. Join the movement: support Georgia Conservation Voters and the Georgia Conservation Voters Education Fund.


Thank you,

Joe Thomas

Development Director, Georgia Conservation Voters