Boss Up!

Calling all future Presidents, Mayors, Governors, Senators, Members of Congress, city council, chiefs of staff, community leaders, public administrators, and regular citizens to BOSS UP… If every citizen invested 90 minutes a month into your community, city, state, and or government, America would function as a democracy, not an aristocracy.

This event will include an old school/new school DJ contest, pop culture trivia with prizes as well as free Uber Eats codes for the first 50 people to register and log-in.

That’s right. You can get prizes and free food just for hopping online!


If environmentalists are going to change things for the future of our planet, we must vote in every election. Take a moment to get registered today! You must be registered by April 20th to vote in this year’s presidential primary election on May 19th. To vote on Election Day, November 3rd, you must be registered to vote by October 5th. Even if you are registered to vote, you should still check to see if your registration is still valid. Here in Georgia hundreds of thousands of voters are purged from the rolls each year, and this could impact you.

Register to vote today!